New York! New York!

March 24, 2015  •  2 Comments

The City that never sleeps... Well... Yeah, ok.

Although coming from Hong Kong - the most light-polluted place in the world - where the night and day melts into each other so the nights are even brighter than the days I must admit that I found the nights in NY relatively dark. And I liked it. Seeing a skyline which gets dark when the sun goes down lit only with warm tungsten light the city looks like a real city to me and not like Disneyland! Unfortunately they want to exchange all the nice warm colored street lanterns with LED's! Gosh!!!

I was even more impressed with the City's architecture. I don't say that I don't like futuristic designed skyscrapers but I was impressed by the mix of architectural styles in the City! Beautiful Gothic revival churches next to impressive Art Deco skyscrapers or the Beaux-Arts Grand Interiors on one side and elegant brownstone rowhouses on the other connected with gigantic steel-wire bridges in Gothic style. You really get the impression of a well built and solid City!

I am really very fortunate to have this opportunity of staying in NYC for three months and enjoying this amazing lifestyle which is so reach in culture and art!

All this wouldn't be possible without the support and trust of my wife who let me do this long journey and I want to thank her for this! You are truly great and I couldn't be happier having you in my life! Thank you!!!

Without any further explanations here some of my impressions of NYC!

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Hi Bartosz!
Hey, cool z'gseh das du ir Welt umechunsch und nach SH in HK gsi bisch-ha immer gmeint ihr siget i dCH :).
Enjoy NY und wer weiss, ev gseht me sich jo mol wieder irgendwo im nirgendwo. Wie immer: MEGA Fotos!
Grüessli Rebecca
Impressive pictures, nice. Seems you like NYC.
I especially like the sun "spying" from behind the bridge-tower, the impression of the City Skyline (with the Chrysler Building in it) and the Portrait of the Skyscraper...
And when I scroll up again I like to mention all the other pictures also... (the reflection in the River, fantastic!)
Don't forget us here in Shanghai
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